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1Y0- 301 Exam Overview

The 1Y0-301 exam is an 72-question exam developed in English. There are 65 multiple choice items and seven simulation components of the exam. Some of the item son this exam will never be scored and thus will not affect any bring about any way. The unscored merchandise is most notable exam solely for research purposes.

What is the passing score of 1Y0-301 exam (CCP-V)

The passing score because of this exam is 70%.

Time period limit

Kind of Candidate

Time Limits*


Native English speakers

180 minutes

Non-native English speakers

180 minutes

Time extension granted automatically that consider the exam in countries where English is really a +30 minutes language (time extension)

Non-native English speakers

180 minutes

Must request time extension from that consider the exam in Citrix. Submit your request here: Time countries where English is +30 minutes

Extension Request

Not just a spanish

(time extension)

Who can attempt 1Y0-301 exam?

he 1Y0-301 exam is dependant on those topics which are most significant to the people who manage, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot Citrix XenDesktop 7 solutions. People who manage, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot such solutions may hold various job titles such as:

Systems Administrators/ Citrix Administrators Desktop Administrators Application Administrators Technical Support Staff The way to register for Citrix Certification exam 1Y0-301 on Virtualization?

This exam is given at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide. To understand more about the guidelines and procedure for taking an exam, check out http://training.citrix.com/exams.

Worldwide, look at the Pearson VUE website (http://www.pearsonvue.com/citrix) to locate a testing center in your town and sign up for an examination. You may also register personally at any Pearson VUE testing center. If you are living in america or Canada, you may even register by calling 1-800-931-4084.

Note: A $7 USD surcharge will probably be added to phone registrations.

What's Recommended Practicing 1Y0-301 exam (CCP-V)

Citrix Education recommends that candidates have hands-on exposure to Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 before this exam. One of the best ways to do that is by having a formal Citrix training course. The following course provides training on deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 solutions.

•CXD-300: Deploying App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 (instructor-led program or self-study)

http://training.citrix.com/mod/ctxcatalog/course.php?id=598 http://training.citrix.com/mod/ctxcatalog/course.php?id=1185 http://www.citrixschool.com/virtualization-certification/citrix-certified-associate-virtualization-cca-v

Like all Citrix exams, our recommendation is that candidates get hands-on experience by working directly with products covered on the exam.

Recommended 1Y0-301 Practice Exams and Preparation Guide

Citrix Certified Associate Virtualization (CCP - V) Online Practice exams Refer sample questions of 1Y0-301 exam Review the 1Y0-301 Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions Exam Prep Guide Why CitrixSchool.com is highly recommended for Virtualization Certification?

CitrixSchool.com includes a credible history of A decade. The site has repeatedly been recommended by many from the top MNCs including Oracle, Accenture, IBM, Atos, TCS, HP, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini and others. 92% from the Citrix Certified stated that they may be confident of their capability to explain test, due to online practice exams on Virtualization certification (CCP-V) Greater than 53 experts within our group of 80 professionals are actively involved in quality improvements and overall satisfaction using the 1Y0-301 online simulator. 98% of our candidates have been recommended by their project manager, team leaders, and colleagues in their organizations.


Section Titles and Weights



Pre-installation Considerations


Installing Required Technologies


Configuring Technical Components


Testing Configurations




The section weights one of them guide are intended to direct you towards finding out how a lot of the test is focused on the themes listed. In fact, the percentages directly map for the quantity of queries about the exam. For instance, if an exam has 60 questions, and Section 1 is weighted at 50%, then 30 with the questions on the test will connect with Section 1 (60*50% = 30).

Please be warned that section weights usually are not used to calculate your score. Scoring is a lot more complicated as exam questions might be given different weights according to their overall importance. Because some questions could have different point values assigned to them, section weights and exam scores do not always use a one-to-one correlation.

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