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What is more, about 75 percent of consumers will judge your own brand credibility based on your website design.Most first-time visitors to your website are not prepared to buy. They're investigating options and comparing you to other people. Have a look at websites for leaders in your market space. After that, flip your critical attention inward.Listed below are 10 aspects to consider when evaluating your website design and deciding which adjustments will yield the greatest results.1. Color.Performable altered its call-to-action button (CTA) from green to red, resulting in a 21 percent increase in conversions. Ript Apparel shifted its own button from green to yellow, increasing conversions by 6.3 percent. It's also good to know that green and red are the colours those with color blindness or deficiency struggle with the most. Further, you might consider your audience. If you're targeting girls, concentrate on blue, purple, green. For guys, pick blue, green, and black. (Obviously, these are generalized preferences.) The least effective colours? 2. Video.Product videos typically increase sales and conversions. The amount varies, but a few companies report an increase of as much as 144 percent. Business-to-business (B2B) or service-based companies also can use video to share their stories or talk about their differentiators.3. Simplicity of use.Place the most important information"above the fold." Do not force people to scroll down and hunt for what they need. Create simple navigation so users can find items that are not on the first page.4. Clear UVP.What's your distinctive value proposition? If you don't understand, that's your first issue. Your next issue? Your UVP probably is not apparent to your website visitors, either. Ensure it is clear up front why they should choose your brand.5. Trust symbols.Badges from Yelp (or other inspection websites ) and PayPal's certification logo are just two examples of hope symbols. You may have a security seal or any other industry-related symbol to share. Testimonials from customers serve a similar purpose, and you can showcase these as well. Your goal is to ensure that your potential buyer feels as if he or she can trust you to provide a good experience or merchandise.6. Free offers. What are some reasons someone web design wordpress theme free wouldn't purchase from you? Your website also needs to explain how you proactively fulfill customer needs and address issues.7. Short kinds.Prospective customers don't wish to provide you their town, state, last name, pet's name and six additional pieces of information just to score that free download. If you presently use a captcha test, you may try turning off it to see if this makes a difference in reaction rate -- without increasing your spam. 8. Digital conversation. Even if they don't need to talk, they know the option exists. That alone can increase trust.9. Headlines.Your large, headline text should deal with any issues that your potential customers feel. The process? The outcomes? Whatever it is, speech the solution in bold.10. Whitespace.A cluttered webpage appears ugly and feels bloated. Too many components can confuse people and turn them off.Though some web-design criteria are proven, each business and company will change somewhat. Firms that succeed will keep on testing minor changes on their website.